So...What's a Dairy Farm Manager ??

Surly he must be the dairyman who spends all his day between his cows, checking their health, calving them, milking them, feeding them, formulating their rations, clearing the manure, etc..etc..etc. similar to what we see in most farms. 
Well...sorry to disappoint you, he is called a dairy Farmer, Dairy technician , dairyman, Herdsman, consultant, etc.

But NOT a Dairy Farm Manager..

A Dairy Farm Manager is the man who builds the team, monitors the results, sets the targets, sets the vision, has a plan, sets budgets, follows requirements, negotiates, communicates and get everything off site done to make sure that his team is achieving results.

Its 50% Dairy Skills / 50% Management skills which in some cases can reach 20% / 80% ratio with excellent results.

A farm with 100% // 0% ratio is not successful as you need to do everything, follow everything, Zero trust policy.

Its about Time Management, Management skills, Coaching skills, Delegation, empowering, unleashing Talents.... You are the Manager.. Not a Staff...

Did you see a successful Football team Coach playing??

A true Manager can run any type of business, not only a dairy as Management is about Managing the people.

As they say,,, a Manager builds the team & the team builds the business.

Written by: Dr.Rami Hamad (Cow whisperer )

You can find him through this link


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