Why some dairy managers fail in the Middle East ?

This subject took my attention for a while, so I would like to write here some of the main points that I think are the major reasons for that.

The majority of these companies are multinational, multicultural, different races, different religions and habits.

I will start by dividing those managers into 2 groups, westerners and native speaking, I will also divide the dairy farm manager duty into 2 areas, in the farm and in the main office. I will also divide the problems into 2 main issues, Vision and Cultural.

For a Native speaker who could be from any of the countries in the middle east, the culture is no issue, dealing with other nationalities or with the main office is not an issue. But the major problem is the vision, most of them are deficient in their knowledge and lack the vision to move things forward, the level of professionalism is low as well, Therefore nothing moves forward, in fact things go bad.

That's why the majority are hired as assistants, not managers.

For westerners the main problem is understanding the culture, they have a good vision to move things forward but they cant due to total failure in building good communication with other relevant managers from other nationalities.

The majority of them end up leaving.

To succeed in the middle east you need to understand the cultures, traditions, religions, the know how of how things are done in your back yard plus good understanding of the dairy business with good vision in order to succeed in your front yard which is your dairy farm

Written by: Dr.Rami Hamad (Cow whisperer)

You can find him through this link


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