Very strong;
Provides protection and comfort;
Length: 13 cm
Suitable for adhesive;
The cow clog offers a simple, low cost solution to the common problem of lameness and aids the cow back to health and full milk production. The cow clog works by gluing the clog to the HEALTHY claw. This relieves the pressure on the infected or bruised claw by raising it about two centimeter off the ground. It takes around two weeks for the clog to wear down, enough time to achieve a speedy and often very dramatic recovery. The cow clog is an ideal remedy for bruised claw, ulcerated claw and septic claw when one claw only requires treatment.

Designed for use as an aid in the treatment of bovine lameness, They are applied with an adhesive to the healthy claw, transferring weight off the affected claw. Wooden blocks are made of hard wood providing superior wear.

Wood Blocks provide protection and comfort to your cows.

Rubber blocks are available in large.
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