Vacuum Pump Fiber Vane for oil based Vacuum pump;
High quality and durable for all types of vacuum pumps;
With 0.5 mm thickness;
Fiber vanes are especially suitable for compressors with oil as lubricant. Reinforced composite fiber with thermosetting polyester resin have high dimensional stability and excellent mechanical and sealing properties, providing the utmost performance working with milking pumps and groups like Alfa Laval, Delaval, Boumatic, Fullwood, Sac, Tecnozoo, Manovac, Impulsa, Westfalia, Flaco, Miele.

Fiber vanes are in different dimensions and must be cutted in exact size. So, to order vane for vacuum pump, size of a new fiber is required.

Normal pumps like Delaval and Westfalia types have 0.5mm thickness, however different brands may be differ in thickness.
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