• Material Metal
Thawing and preparing frozen semen for artificial insemination;
220 Volt;
Premium quality and performance;
With digital indicator to show the temperature;
Equipped with Thermostat for automatic water temp. control;
Specially designed for maintaining the proper temperature;
With smart control system for user safety;
For cattle, equine, sheep and goat artificial insemination

In order for maximum reproductive efficiency to be gained from the use of frozen semen, it is essential that the product be frozen, stored and thawed correctly.  

Temperature and time are essential variables for correct thawing of semen.

Both freezing and thawing cause damage to spermatozoa. In order to minimize such damage, rapid thawing in the correct temperature interval is necessary.

Studies show that thawing procedures are important regardless of how the semen is processed, however, correct thawing is essential for Sperm Vital since the Sperm Vital processed semen is an extended release gel. Conventional insemination equipment and technique is recommended (we recommend 36-38°C for at least 1 minute, and then inseminate as soon as possible).
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