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  • Material
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Portable Handheld RFID Reader;
cable-free / with cable operation;
Compatible with ISO Standards 11784 and 11785, for reading FDX-B and HDX ear tags;
Transmitting via RS232 or Bluetooth wireless ;
Can be used for all weather condition for RFID ear tags;
  • According to ISO 11784/5 standards
  • ICAR registered
  • FDX-B & HDX
  • Frequency 134.2 khz
  • Operating temp. -30c to +85c
  • For cattle, camel, sheep, goat & pets
  • High resistance to bad weather and mechanical stress

Readers are connected to a data collector which stores data from an scanned electronic tags for transferring information to a software on a computer. Data collector has an internal memory and allows storing of scanned electronic ID values.

Apart from the software and data collector, the stick reader must be enough long to read from distance and enough strong to work in any condition.

There are two types of stick readers. One with wire which connects to data collector and One with Bluetooth driver which transfer data to computer with WiFi technology. The later one has an android base software for mobile phone. Please pay attention that as ICAR has announced stick reader for ear tags must not read tags from distance more than 30 to 35 cm.

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