Metal Hoof nippers to shorten the claw and trimming cow hoof;
Extra blade available;
Can be used for Buffalo;
Heavy duty and durable;
The primary aims of good foot trimming are:

Returning hooves to the ideal shape so that they are balanced, better capable of supporting the cow's weight and less likely to be affected by future problems.
Removing horn around an ulcer or lesion in order to reduce any pain caused by the lesion by reducing the pressure on it as the cow transfers weight onto the claw when walking, promoting increased mobility and aiding healing. This may also involve the fitting of a 'block' or similar device to further reduce the trauma of a lesion.
Removing dead and diseased horn and other tissue to promote the growth of healthy new horn.
Removing horn to promote the draining of muck and slurry from around a lesion - and also any pus formed by an infection - to discourage the formation of abscesses.
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