Gas hot iron dehorner;
Held firmly to the horn bud for about 20 seconds, destroying the horn-producing cells and preventing further growth;
Reasons For Dehorning

reduce the risk of injury and bruising to herd mates
prevent financial losses from trimming damaged carcasses caused by horned feedlot cattle during transport to slaughter
require less space at the feed bunk and in transit
decrease risk of injury to farm workers, horses and dogs
decrease risk of death, illness and setback by dehorning young calves versus older calves
gain a price advantage by offering hornless cattle at auction
produce docile cattle that are easier to handle
decrease aggressiveness at the feed bunk
enhance on-farm safety for animals, producers and employees
facilitate easier use of handling facilities

Dehorning Age

Dehorning at a young age minimizes hazards to the calf, the cow-calf producer, and the feedlot owner. Hazards for calves and owners include:

sickness or death following dehorning of older calves
decreased liveweight gains in the weeks following dehorning of older calves
loss of productivity

Many producers choose to dehorn new-born calves because:

techniques are easier for the operator
dehorning is less stressful on newborn calves
of concerns for animal welfare
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