Calf bucket with calf teat, valve and metal hanging part;
Graded for milk measurement;
7 liter capacity;
In plastic;
Calves are inclined by nature to suckle a nipple, and suckling is mentally satisfying to calves of all ages. Many calves will actively seek something to suckle after consuming their milk or milk replacer meal from a bucket or open pail in order to satisfy this desire to suckle. Unfortunately, for calves housed together, this suckling desire will be exercised on a penmate's udder, ear or navel, with clinically recognized negative consequences.

Calves can continue to suckle a nipple on an empty nipple bucket or nipple bottle, which seems to satisfy their suckling desire. This cross-suckling issue is why many veterinarians advise their clients to house milk or milk replacer-fed calves separately.
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