Extra nipple for calf colostrum self feeding bottle;
Nipple for Milk feeding bottle;
Good quality;
Easy to disinfectant;
One of the most important jobs after lamb or calf birth is feeding enough colostrum and repeating it among next days based on veterinary protocol. This bottle helps farmer to do feeding easier, faster and reliable and also can control the volume of feed milk or colostrum thanks to graded body of bottle.

Newborn calves need a large volume of quality colostrum shortly after calving. It is a less well-known fact, however, that the method of feeding the colostrum can greatly affect the calf's immunity development. Research shows that colostrum works most effectively when fed using a colostrum feeder.

Calves are born with no resistance to disease. Colostrum from the mother is essential in order to develop the so-called passive immunity for protection during the first few weeks of life. Another cow's colostrum can sometimes be better for the calf.

The degree of immunity is determined by checking the IgG (Immunoglobulin type G) in the calf's blood. If the IgG is too low, something has gone wrong in the transfer of immunoglobulin via the colostrum. This is known as Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT). Possible causes of FPT are delayed colostrum intake, poor quality colostrum or insufficient colostrum.

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