Two piece camel ear tag;
Blank and laser print ear tag;
Made of high quality polyurethane;
With polyurethane metal tip stud or plastic male part;
Importance of ear tags for identifying animals especially in industrial farms is clear, where each animal has an ID card and all events of her life include treatments, insemination, birth, etc. have been recorded. So, being installed on ear & staying readable for whole life of the animal is necessary.

Polyurethane material is one of the best options to produce tags because of its chemical characteristic. This ear tag has been made of the best polyurethane and the quality will remain stable in all weather condition and Harsh Environments.

This High retention tag is very Flexible but Tear Resistance for highest performance.

Two pcs tags need a male part which can be in plastic or Metal tip. If the animal is supposed to be produced more than six months, using metal-tip male part highly recommended. Metal tip male ear tags are in polyurethane and obviously they have all mentioned benefits of a good ear tag, otherwise, economic price plastic male tag can be used.

Our camel farmers recommend this sort of tag as an ear tag which can be seen from distance (5 to 6 meter) easily. A s the camel ear is small, it can be easily mounted on camel ear. Also a good contrast of black marker or laser printed digit with tag surface gives the maximum reliability for accurate recording specially in sunny environment.