Metal ear tag applicator for installing one piece metal ear tags;
Made from premium material for best performance during tagging animals;
Ear tag Applicators are in Plastic, metal or mixed of both. Based on the type of ear tag, applicators are with or without needle.

Using applicator and tagging is very easy. Briefly, you must install tag on the applicator correctly (see images), place the applicator on the correct area of ear and then press it. Then tag will be installed on ear.

Applicators must be designed ergonomic, safe for both animal and user; and enough strong for farm usage.

To reduce farm expenses, needle can be replaced if it is damaged or broken. It means the farmer doesn't need to buy a new one if handles are in good condition.

Although the applicator is used for installing tags, however please pay attention that it can transmit disease if it's contaminated with animal blood. So please disinfect applicator after use and before tagging with normal detergent.