Milking machine for cow without electricity;
Helping villagers to milk cows;
Simple system and easy to use;
Spare parts in package;

Milking machinery are bound to have numerous advantages that allow dairy farms to operate effectively while optimizing profits.

1. Increase Activity
Milking machine allows the dairy farm to increase their activity with a larger herd. Indeed, proper milking machinery can manage herds faster while ensuring the quality of the milk, which allows farmers to harvest from more cattle than they could with traditional means.

2. Labour Cost
A big dairy farm that harvests manually will normally require at least a dozen of employees to function properly. With automatic milking machinery, only a few will be required.

3. Reduced work force
On a traditional farm, if skilled workers cannot work anymore or decide to leave the farm, this would have a great effect on the milk production, and affect the sales. With milking machinery, it would be quite easy to find someone to operate the machines and ensure that the dairy farm will remain in activity at all times.

4. Clean Milk
When you hand milk a cow, there are bits of hay, hair and sometimes even flecks of manure that land in your hard earned milk bucket. When using a milk machine, the bucket is fully enclosed and sealed. There is no opportunity for contamination during the milking process. This keeps the milk fresh and clean

5. Easy to hire a farm sitter
There are many possibilities that can go wrong with a untrained milker, like, not having enough arm strength to actually milk the cow, the cow won’t let her milk down, the cow kicked, it took too long and the milk sat for a inappropriate amount of time and of course, not completely emptying the bag, putting her at risk for infection. But with a milk machine, you know that once the machine is hooked up, your cow is going to get milked, correctly and quickly.

6. Quicker cooling milk
The quicker the milk is chilled, the better the milk will taste. Pretty simple. While your hand milking, the milk will slowly cool to room temperature and begin to taste off, almost like the way a barn smells.

7. Time efficiency
You can multitask while the machine is milking. While you can only milk two quarters at a time with hands, the machine will milk all four quarters at the same time. It only takes about 5 minutes to milk out a cow with the machine. This is the best advantage of the milk machine.

Finally, a proper milking routine will reduce the stress on the stock, which not only improves the health of the animals, but also ensure a higher quality in the dairy harvest.
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