Sheep Claws for portable and stationary goat milking machine;
High density black moulded pulsation block and poly carbonated bowl;
Clear visibility bowl for cow and camel milking;
After the milk leaves the teat it collects in the collecting bowl of the claw. The milk then is drawn from the claw, through the milk hose to the milk line by the same vacuum as inside the liner .

Claws are in different sizes. Apart from brand or model of milking machines, more milk is produced by animal, bigger size of claw is needed. So you can see that claw for sheep or goat is very smaller than cow or camel type.

A complete set of clusters comprises a claw and four fully-assembled cups (that is, four sets of teat shells, liners, short milk tubes, short pulse tubes, the long milk tube and long pulse tubing).

Correctly setting up your clusters will result in the following benefits:

Increased milking efficiency - clusters which are correctly set up will be easy to put on and take off, and will require no intervention from the milker while a cow is being milked. They will also ensure cows are efficiently milked out.
Improved animal health - clusters which are correctly set up will not slip. Cluster slip can compromise teat health, increasing the risk of mastitis.

Other important characteristics of claws include:

appropriate weight;
unrestricted inlet nipples and claw outlet to allow free flow of milk;
good visibility of milk flowing into the claw bowl from each quarter;
ruggedness in a tough environment;
be relatively easy to open and maintain;
the elusive, but important, quality of good ‘personal feel and handling characteristics’;
visibility of milk in the claw bowl to help detect problems such as blood in the milk and to provide an indication of the end of milking for individual cows.

Characteristic of transparent bowls:

Instant activation of the shut off valve
Fast de-vacuumising of the claw
One touch – one hand cluster removal
No more pinching or crimping milk rubbers
Improves cow comfort
Effortless cluster removal
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