Unique performance & Depth filtration capacity;
High quality raw material;
Optimized flow rate and High filtration efficiency;
For all milking machine brands;
Suitable for Delaval, Westfalia and SAC;
Although milk is subsequently filtered at the milk plant, effective milk filtration on the farm plays an important role in:

• producing raw milk of the highest quality for the dairy company
• indicating the effectiveness of teat cleaning prior to milking
• identifying udder health problems (e.g. mastitis)
• identifying cow environment problems
• ensuring optimum plate cooler efficiency and hygiene.

What makes a good milk filter?

The role of on-farm milk filtration is to enable farmers to produce milk of the highest possible quality and value, as well as helping to protect the milking and cooling equipment. To ensure these demands are met efficiently, a good milk filter must possess certain physical properties. It is essential that the selected filter is the correct size and capacity to match the demands of the milking equipment and herd size. It must also be manufactured from highly uniform fabric, incorporating:

• high wet strength
• even pore size and distribution
• a strong seam
• dimensional stability
• food compliance.

Any size of filter can be produced, anyway most demanded sizes are:

Adjust with Westfalia milking machine 445mm * 58mm
Adjust with Westfalia milking machine 800mm * 75mm
Adjust with Westfalia milking machine - Balance tank 570mm * 60mm
Adjust with Delaval milking machine 620mm * 57mm
Adjust with Delaval & Boumatic milking machine 610mm * 95mm
Adjust with Dairy Master milking machine 650mm * 150mm
Adjust with SAC milking machine 460mm * 70mm
Adjust with AFI & Boumatic milking machine 855mm * 125mm
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