PVC Food grade milk tube;
Fits all milking machines;
For transferring milk from cluster to bulk or for using in washing systems;
Transparent and possibility of seeing milk flow during milking;
PVC milk tube is the most economic type of tubes for transferring milk in milking parlor from teat to bulk.For Milk & Water transfer.

PVC tubing is often used by farmers wanting a basic and reliable solution. Farmers wanting to follow milk flow visually, particularly favor PVC because they can see milk flowing in the tube. PVC tubing has high flexibility and fits all milking equipment perfectly.
  • Food grade
  • Premium quality
  • Smooth inner and outer surfaces
  • Low milk fat adhesion and protein binding
  • Perfect resistance to milk and cleaning chemicals

Normal tubes are manufactured with blue line on it, however, Printing brand name on tube surface and changing the line color for suppliers is a nice solution for those who like to sell their own brands and control their market easier.
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