Durable teat dipper for Pre and Post-Dipping;
Made of chemical-resistant materials;
Wide mouth for easy filling;
Built-in clip for hooking dipper;
Teat preparation before milking

1- Wash teats with water or clean with towel to remove any contamination with manure or dirt.

2- Fore strip every teat (For mastitis control & optimum oxytocin release) , Removing milk from the teat cistern that will most likely be higher in somatic cell count (SCC) and bacteria numbers than milk in the udder, helps stimulate milk let-down, and increase milk flow rate.

3- Pre-dip with a sanitizing solution to reduce number of environmental bacteria (Teat dip should cover ½ to ¾ of the teat )

4- Use a disposable paper towel for each cow for thorough and efficient drying.

Teat preparation after milking

1- Dip teats immediately after cluster removal with a disinfectant solution

2- Use a loafing area after milking to insure cows remain standing 20 minute after milking

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