Alfalaval oil vacuum pump fiber vane
For 800 liter/min vacuum unit
Preventing air leakage and Stabilization of vacuum production
High quality and durable vane
Resistant to temperature and vacuum pressure
Minimal change in dimensions due to rotation stress
No damage to vacuum pump internal wall
Vacuum pump Seizure at high temperature
Increment of vacuum pump efficiency
Keeping the pump wall polished
Better milking experience
Our durable fiber vanes (WhitMilk brand) are especially manufactured for Oil type milking machine vacuum pumps. Reinforced High density composite fiber have high dimensional stability in hot condition and excellent mechanical and sealing properties. WhitMilk brand vane provides highest performance with all milking machines vacuum pumps like Alfalaval, Delaval, Boumatic, Fullwood, Sac, Tecnozoo, Manovac, Impulsa, Westfalia, Flaco, Miele and any other brand.

Depends on length and diameter of vacuum pumps which is used for stationary milking machine or the rotor shape, fiber vanes vary in size and thickness. We cut fiber vanes with high tech CNC machine to ensure easy rotation and maximum vacuum production.
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