Rubber milk tube is an high quality tubes for transferring milk and water in all milking parlors.
Tolerating high and low temperatures makes this type of tube as a long lasting one for using in farms in milking parlor and for washing operation.
Rubber tubes are recommended for all weather conditions.
Rubber tubes are one the best option for milking machines as they work more than other tubes. They are very flexible in all weather condition and have a good strength with hot water and disinfection solutions. This range of flexibility makes this tube as the best option for all milking machine ( from mobile milking machine to very big stationary one).

In a milking machine, tubes are used for milking transfer and water transfer. Milk tubes must have food grade standards.

We recommend this tube for all milking machines and where you need rubber tube for milking and washing.

Famrers who have Delaval, Westfalia, Boumatic, SAC and AFI milking machine can use this tube in their milking parlor.
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