Premium quality Electric pulsator;
Adjustable for cow, sheep and goat milking;
For stationary milking machine and portable machines;
Spare parts available;
Pneumatic type for portable machine and economic price;

The pulsation system regulates cyclic pressure changes which cause the teat cup liners to open and close around the teat-end, massaging the lower part of the teat.

Benefits of an effective pulsation system include: 

  • Ensure teats are not damaged, leading to issues with mastitis
  • The right pulsation and vacuum system will ensure cows are not slow to milk
  • Doesn't cause pain which will lead to cow discomfort and animal handling issues

All pulsation systems are made up of a pulsator (an air switching device), a source of vacuum, connecting pipelines and flexible pulse tubes that connect the pulsator to the pulsation chamber formed between the teat cup shell and liner.

The main purpose of pulsation is to limit the development of congestion and oedema in the teat tissues during machine milking which can lead to cow discomfort and teat damage. Pulsation also helps to maintain a high rate of milk flow from the teat within each pulsation cycle and continue to stimulate good milk let-down.

This text has been copied from DairyNZ.

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