Laser printable sheep ear tag & goat ear tag in 4 colors;
With plastic male part or Polyurethane male stud;
Suitable for dividing animals in herd with different colors;
5cm length,
This two pcs ear tag is suitable for sheep, goat and small animals AND its economy price make it a reasonable ear tag for transportation & slaughter houses usage and for farms which produce animals for a short term.

Also, in dairy farms, where male calves are sold after weaning or even in first weeks, this tags are recommended only for registering.

Having 4 colors, it helps farmers dividing their animals in groups. Also, laser printing possibility gives a unique numbering style for a better management and removing any mistake during writing a duplicate digits for two animals, mistake in writing number on ear tag, etc.

Two pcs tags need a male part which can be in plastic or polyurethane. If the animal is supposed to be produced more than six months, using polyurethane male part highly recommended as they have all mentioned benefits of a good ear tag, otherwise, economic price plastic male tag can be used. 
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