Hanged on neck by a belt
Can be placed on both sides of the neck ;
Seen in any position of animal from distance;
Writing with ear tag marker on the tag or hot stamp;
For all who are seeking for animal welfare, we recommend this type as it never hurt animals.

Importance of using tag for identifying animals especially in both industrial & traditional farms is clear, where each animal has an ID card and all events of her life include treatments, insemination, birth, etc. have been written and recorded. So, staying readable for whole life of the animal is necessary.

Neck tags are in defferent types. in this model, each cube of tag is used for writing each numer ( 1, 2 , 3 ...) and then a combination of these numbers makes a complete number for animal.

Or, numbers can be written completely on a tag and then mounted on belt.

Farmers may have belt and they just need collar tag to place on neck or feet, unless they must supply belt to combine with collar tags.
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