Different colors and sizes for rapid recognizing cows from distance;
High quality and tear resistance;
For dividing cows in stalls and help to have more groups
Easy to mount on head and removing from neck in milking parlor by only one person;
In 13 colors;
2 - 2.5 - 3cm width;
Dairy farmers are often advised to divide their dairy cow herd into multiple groups. Grouping can be very efficient and beneficial for the herd. However, there are some cases where grouping may not be economical. Farmers must understand the pros and cons of grouping to see if it would be a logical option for their operation.

Farmers can group their cows in nutritional groups and/or management groups. In nutritional groups, cows in each group are fed a separate ration. This type of grouping can be beneficial when trying to meet nutrient requirements of cows in different stages of lactation.
Apart from why farmers must separate their animals, there are different techniques which help farmers in this regard. Some are in digital like RFID collar tag. Those which are connected to milking parlor management systems and obviously expensive. Fortunately there are some cheaper ways that farmers can save their money but manage as well. One of those recommendations is using colorful bands. they are easily installed on neck and can be remove only by a simple worker. From any distance the manager can detect which group the cattle is belonged. On the other hand, using belt and strong rope threaten cow’s health if the cow is stuck her neck and belt somewhere and can't release herself. But this kind of bands can be removed by cow if she tries to run away from that situation.

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