Black ear tag marker;
special ink to last on all polyurethane & plastic ear tags;
Without fading from UV light and harsh weather conditions;
Round 2mm point;
Polyurethane Ear tags are in two type:

Laser printed
Blank ear tags must be filled by farmers with data or details which are important for their management, like numbers, birth date, semen and mother info, etc.

Anyway, not all markers can be used for writing on ear tags. As ear tags must work in different situations like rain, sunlight, snow, manure, washing liquids and hygenic solution which are very common in farm environment, so marker trace must remain for whole life of animal.

This product is a well designed hard tip ear tag marker with Anti UV ink which cover need for a permanent writing on tag surface and penetrate inside the tag texture very fast. Becoming dry very fast, it is offered with many of our dairy farmers.


Black color ink
last on all polyurethane plastic ear tags
Wthout fading from UV light and all weather conditions
High penetration in ear tag tissue
round point
Rapid dry
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