For all type of stationary and portable milking machine;
Maximum vacuum production with less electricity usage;
Extremely efficient and economical;
From 180 liter/min capacity to 2800 liter/min;
Working with 220 volt and 380 volt;
Stable vacuum production;
Guarantee maximum performance of milking machine;
Based on Westfalia and GEA standards;
Heavy duty and minimum noise;
Long service life;
Premium quality;

Available capacities Lit/M:
140 - 170 For portable milking machine
500 - 800 - 1000 - 1200 - 1500 - 2000 - 2800 For stationary milking parlor
The basic prerequisite for gentle yet economical milking is a constant milking vacuum, our vacuum
pumps are particularly reliable in this respect.
In the case of sudden air ingress the pumps will maintain the correct vacuum level: large vacuum reserves ensure that the milking process does not break down immediately which is especially important for gentle and constant milking. Using these heavy duty oil - lubricated pump guarantees constant optimum performance for a stable milking vacuum which provides the basis for long-term udder health.

Added parts for higher capacity vacuum units:

Oil separator

for clean air. It minimizes oil consumption in conjunction with drip feed lubrication system.

Optimum oil supply
The maintenance-friendly drip feed lubrication supplies exactly the right amount of oil and stops automatically when the pump is not in operation.

Sound absorber
This considerably reduces the noise level during operation.

The milking machine works on the principal of providing a vacuum that alternates with atmospheric pressure to draw milk from the teats. A continuous vacuum would soon become painful for the cow and cause teat damage and so the pulsating system used to milk provides a cycle that can, when correctly set, remove milk efficiently without damage to the teat or udder.

The correct vacuum and pulsation levels are essential to this process and are checked when a milking machine test is performed. However, even on a day-to-day basis, the milking staff should be aware of how important these correct levels are, what indicates that they are not correct and how to perform a basic test to ensure the correct vacuum characteristics. A low vacuum level would result in under-milked udders and liner slippage and a high vacuum level would quickly lead to teat damage.

When the milking machine is switched on and vacuum permitted to rise to working levels before milking commences, the vacuum gauge in the parlour should read 45-48 kPa for high-line parlours
.and between 40-44 kPa for low-line systems

Drive motor

Air flow L/Min
At 50kpa
Air flow  L/Min At 40kpa   Type
1,1KW 400 525 400
  2,2kw  800 1000 800
  3,0kw  1200 1500 1200
  4,0kw  1500 1875 1500
  5,5kw  2100 2625 2100
  7,5kw  2800 3500 2800
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